Is GPCE just for GPs?
GPCE is designed for all professionals working in, or with an interest in, primary health care with a focus on general practice. The program includes educational sessions for GPs, Nurses, Registrars, Practice Managers and allied health professionals and attendees are able to pick the sessions with most relevant to them. View our ‘Why attend’ and ‘Who attends’ page on the GPCE website for more.

Is the education accredited? 
GPCE is an authorised provider of accredited activities under the RACGP QI&CPD program and has also been accredited by the Australian College of Rural & Remote Medicine (ACRRM). GP delegates attending the GPCE have the opportunity to earn both Category 1 QI&CPD by participating in an Active Learning Module and Category 2 points for individual sessions. 

The GPCE education program has also been designed to suit the needs of practice nurses in meeting their continuing professional development requirements. For each one hour session attended at the GPCE, nurses can earn 1 CPD point. 
See our ‘Accreditation’ page on the GPCE website for more information.

What is an ALM?
Active Learning Modules (ALMs) provide an opportunity for a GP to earn 40 Category 1 QI&CPD points. ALMs provide quality, structured education directed to achieving the performance, knowledge, skills, behaviour and attitudes of GPs. Each module consists of a predisposing activity, structured learning activities, evaluation and a reinforcing activity.

To complete an ALM at the GPCE, delegates can choose from a variety of ALM streams that have been specifically designed for General Practice. Delegates must complete predisposing material which will be available 4 weeks prior to the conference, as well as a reinforcing activity and evaluation following their attendance at the GPCE. All accreditation paperwork can be found via the online Delegate Lounge.

What is a Predisposing Activity?
As part of the RACGP ALM requirements, delegates completing an ALM are required to complete a predisposing activity prior to coming to the conference. After the conference you will be asked to complete an ALM reinforcing activity that will ask you to comment on how you may improve your outcomes.

Can I attend the event if I have a meeting lined up with a sponsoring business at GPCE?
If you do not fall within the above mentioned “Healthcare Professional” category, then entry into the event will be refused.

Are meals provided?
Morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch is provided for all attendees at each day of the GPCE events.

Can I speak or facilitate at GPCE?
If you’d like to discuss becoming a facilitator or speaker at GPCE in 2017, please contact Nick Wolf at nicholas.wolf@reedexhibitions.com.au

How can I exhibit? What sponsorship/exposure activities are available?
To discuss with the team regarding a tailor made package, please contact Eunji Blacklow on 02 9422 2452 or eunji.blacklow@reedexhibitions.com.au

Can I attend as press?
If you are a media representative and wish to gain entry to the event, approval is required prior to the event. Please contact Louisa Nightingale on 02 9422 2687 or louisa.nightingale@reedexhibitions.com.au.