Welcome to the GPCE 2018 Registration Site & Delegate Hub

GPCE 2018

Welcome to the Registration Site for GPCE in 2018

To register for a GPCE event, please use the options on the right hand side. Registering via your social accounts is faster, but if you prefer not to please choose ‘Register Manually’ instead.

Important notice: Following the move to our new registration site, accounts created prior to August 2017 are now invalid, please create a new registration account. If you have attended a GPCE event after August 2017 you can login with your existing account.


If you book 2 or more registrations you are eligible for our Group Discount. We offer a 25% discount for group bookings made within the Early Bird period, 10% thereafter. Group bookings can only be made via phone. Please call our team on 1800 571 960 or email  info@gpce.com.au to enquire.


If you have already registered for a GPCE event in 2018 and wish to view your program or access the Delegate Hub for certification, please ‘Login with an existing account’  and select ‘Delegate Hub’ at the top of the page. Select the event you wish to access information for and your timetable, activity forms and certificates will appear on the page. For a step-by-step guide please click here to download a PDF guide.


If you require assistance with your registration request a callback here to discuss your registration at a time that is convenient for you. Alternatively, call our team on 1800 571 960 or email  info@gpce.com.au for any enquiries relating to your registration or account.

To view the GPCE website, please click here.